Arduino Starter Kit at

Arduino makers in the making

So we’re officially makers. Today we bought our first Arduino starter kit. We’ve been working on the same kind of projects for a long time and not really finding the time or motivation to feel as creative as we would like. We need to challenge ourselves with something new and different. Hopefully we will get some new spark as makers, playing around with Arduino. Our plan is to explore what’s possible to create with Arduino and to learn something new. Since neither of us have any experience with Arduino nor coding in general, we’ll probably fail a lot and get a bit frustrated from time to time. But that’s ok.

Join us on our new Arduino adventure

We’ll post both our failures and breakthroughs here on the blog and it would be really fun if you would like to join us. Perhaps you know a bit about Arduino, being a maker or something else that you want to share with us. Then feel free to write something in the comments section below. We’d love to get ideas, tips, tricks and suggestions. Basically anything to get the conversation started and helping us on our way.

If you want to know more about the Arduino Starter Kit you can read more about it here.

Arduino Starter Kit at


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